Aranya Pakaphat

Aranya Pakaphat had worked for international development organizations in the field of human rights, peacebuilding and democracy, gender and labour rights. Prior to joining Just Economy and Labor Institute, Aranya worked for IndustriALL responsible for conducting educational programmes and activities for IndustriALL’s affiliates in Southeast Asia. The work was particularly involved in managing trade union education on international standards and research for trade unions including workplace issues such as occupational health and safety and precarious work. Aranya also worked with the Nursing Union of Thailand and the Workers’ Union in their research on the employment situation and conditions of health care workers and cleaners working at Thai public institutions.

Aranya studied political science at Chulalongkorn University and industrial relations and law at the University of Sydney.

As a part of Just Economy and Labor Institute, Aranya is the project coordinator responsible for conducting educational activities and campaigns for decent work in the gig economy.