Our Team | ทีมของเรา

Kriangsak is the founder and Director of Just Economy and Labor Institute (JELI). He is a strategic researcher and independent scholar trained as an economist, labor geographer, and trainer for social change.

Yaowapa Donsae has extensive experience working with women workers in the formal and informal economy. She was a union leader in the garment and textile industry and had hands-on experience in collective bargaining with companies and government representatives.

Sunisa Ratchaphan is an experienced programme manager and research moderator. She co-authored research papers and academic articles in several disciplines of social sciences in the field of social change.

Aranya Pakaphat had worked for international development organizations in the field of human rights, peacebuilding and democracy, gender and labour rights. Prior to joining JELI, She worked for IndustriALL.

Pakpoom Sawangkhum had extensive experience with non-governmental organization in the field of human rights, safe migration, and labor justice. He is human rights lawyer focus on victims of crime, anti-trafficking in persons and forced labor among migrant population and stateless person.

Kanokkarn Manop graduated from Thammasat University with a degree in Russian Studies. She has a diverse background in international cooperation, social development, and local community engagement.