Sunisa (Belle) Ratchapan

Sunisa Ratchaphan is an experienced programme manager and research moderator. She co-authored research papers and academic articles in several disciplines of social sciences in the field of social change with particular focuses on criminal justice systems, social justice, informal labor, and the population at risks such as sex worker, refugee, asylum seekers, migrant laborer and gig workers. Sunisa has published in academic journals as well as contributed to primary research projects for various organizations. Sunisa is a corresponding author of “The Prostitution Business of Greater Mekong Subregion Women in Bangkok and the Adjacent Areas”.

Sunisa had been selected to participate in the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Professional Fellows Program (YSEALI PFP) by the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, American Councils for International Education. During her fellowship, she had been trained to become a better leader and gained practical experiences on labor legislative process and administration in and exposure to United States government office of a state representative from Democratic Party at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.

Sunisa holds a master’s degree in Social Sciences and Humanities, with a major in Criminology and Criminal Justice, from Mahidol University. She has worked with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies as well as inter-non-governmental organizations (INGO). Sunisa has extensive experience in program management roles that include project execution, campaign research for social change advocates, and research activities from publications, policy, and strategic implementation, coordination, assessment, and planning for protecting the rights of vulnerable populations in the humanitarian sector.

Sunisa has been involved in assisting vulnerable populations and marginalized workers to access social services and protection as well as delivering needs-based humanitarian assistance to those in need. As helping other people in times of need, is really Sunisa’s personally rewarding. Sunisa spent time as a volunteer with American Red Cross of Massachusetts at Boston Food Pantry in Boston, and D.C. Central Kitchen in Washington D.C., United States.

As a part of Just Economy and Labor Institute (JELI), Sunisa is a Programme Manager in project management. Sunisa is in charge of overseeing the fulfillment of larger organizational goals including the strategy of all interrelated projects, financial management, structuring strategic initiatives in form of a set of projects which aimed to strengthen collective power for the workers in the informal sector and gig economy, planning, coordinating and monitoring consultant’s performance as well as subcontractors for primary data collection and carrying out progress report preparation and presentation.